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Vencenti Malcuro a posted Oct 21, 12
Ok, So, it has come to may attention that the shoutbox is visible to both members and non members of this website.  This means that any sensitive info or info that is for CorSec eye's only  should not be placed within the shout box at any time.  This is for the safety of the faction members as well as for your own safety as well.  We never know just who is watching or reading our open posts.

Vencenti Malcuro
CorSec High Marshall
As many of you may have noticed.  The Imperial Union (IU) was dissolved a few days ago.  After talking with many of those involved in the IU.  I can assure you all that our current standings and position within the galactic community is unchanged.  The IU dissolving is only a temporary thing.  Most likely a new form of union will develop from this downtime within the next few months.  I will keep you all posted on things as they develop.

Vencenti Malcuro
CorSec High Marshall
Hey everyone

Thanks to a great suggestion by Chad Cloak.  Our new home here has been set up for the time being.  As of September 1,  The old forums will/are off line.  Once offline we will be unable to access the forums again.  These forums will then be the replacement.   They offer an interesting number of options including Birthday Notification and a shout-box.  Other options can also be added down the road, for RL money.  However, for now these forums should more then satisfy our needs.   I do intend to keep looking for a more permanent solution for a forum like the old one.  I also have a saved file of the old forum to be able to transfer the setup should the chance present itself.  Otherwise, treat these forums as you would the old and again Welcome!!

Vencenti Malcuro
CorSec High Marshall
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